Formulating strategic plans that help companies differentiate themselves from their peers in the industry.


Tailored-made financial and strategic solutions to enhance, unlock and crystallise market valuation of our clients’ companies. As a strategic partner, we assist entrepreneurs with their organisations’ most critical issues and craft out opportunities within their respective industries. Together we create value added and positive changes that enhances enterprise value.

“To provide affordable and expert leadership to the financial functions.” – SUNRICH AXIS

Clients can engage SUNRICH’s outsourced CFO services to quickly assess their financial positions and organisational requirements. We have a group of highly experienced and qualified professionals to deliver the most insightful metrics and to work with the clients’ teams to supplement their existing finance and accounting department to increase profitability and valuations in a cost effective manner.

Our aim is to provide affordable and expert leadership to the financial functions of our clients’ businesses by integrating effectively the financial aspects with the strategic and operational goals. Clients who engaged our outsourced CFO services will be able to maximise and optimise their corporate strategic planning at minimal costs.

SUNRICH’s Outsource CFO services adheres strictly to five key principles which sets the foundation of a successful partnership between the clients and ourselves. The principles are as follows;

  1. Identify areas for improvement opportunities
  2. Clearly predetermined objectives and goals
  3. Timely execution of strategic and operational visions
  4. Competent personnel to understand clients’ business requirements
  5. Confidentiality of all information

Our team will work closely with the clients’ management to assist them in unlocking the value of their organisations. We have deep experiences in finance, M&A deals, investor relations and act as change management. The aim is to help clients to create competitive advantages through strategic corporate finance.

As part of our corporate finance consulting work, we will work closely with clients to understand what the key drivers are in order to maximise shareholders’ returns. We will formulate key performance indicators and to benchmark the company’s performance against the industry standards. Our approach pinpoints the root causes of gas between intrinsic against market values and identify strategies to close these gaps. We help develop an integrated approach to value-based planning that focuses on shareholder value creation.

“To work with our clients’ management team to deliver the predetermined objectives within the timeline set.” – SUNRICH AXIS

At SUNRICH, we undertake a thorough and 360 degree view of our clients’ company finance needs. We assist our clients to identify the best strategies to maximise the value of the companies by delivering tailor-made solutions. Our team of professionals will form strong partnerships with our clients’ management team to deliver the predetermined objectives within the timeline set.

Our strategy consulting expertise includes:

  1. Capital structure advisory on private capital fund raising and capital structure reviews to assess the financing options involving debts, equity or hybrid funding.
  2. Value creation of the entire group structure to formalise corporate finance advise to deliver strong shareholders’ value and to unlock and to crystallise enterprise value.
  3. Valuation, feasibility study and strategic advice concerning corporate investments and projects.
  4. Merger and acquisition advice on structuring and execution of the acquisitions, divestments, mergers and joint ventures.
  5. Strategic reviews and development of corporate strategies from an independent viewpoint.
  6. Business and / or asset sales preparatory work to drive maximum returns to shareholders.
  7. Complex situations including restructuring, distressed situations, non-standard capital structures and complex stakeholder and corporate governance matters.

“In-depth analysis of the customers’ funding requirements and sourcing for tailor-made funding programmes” – SUNRICH AXIS

At SUNRICH, we ensure appropriate financial institutions and / or investors are approached for each fundraising exercise, taking into considerations the specific requirements of each business and exploring various funding opportunities that are available.

We have strong understanding of what the financial institutions and / or investors look for in every funding deals and will bridge the requirement gaps between our customers and these funders. With in-depth knowledge and relationships with all types of equity investors – Venture Capital firms, Private Equity firms, High Net worth Individuals and Corporations, our customers can tap on the other sources of funding besides relying solely on the financial institutions.

We Think And Act Like Your Business Partners!

We pride ourselves as strategic partners and advisors to our clients because we go beyond what traditional consultants do. We seek to unlock and crystallise the true potential of the company and aims to maximise value creation opportunities. We will formulate strategic plans that help companies differentiate themselves from their peers in the industry as we not only find the emergent path to success, but to further articulate and to implement the agreed strategies within the parameters.